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Nourished Practice 

Hi, My Name is Kacie

I used to train clients as a personal trainer in the way I was taught how. That weight loss was the goal, with calories in vs. calories out as the be all and end all of nutrition. That working out needed to be sweaty, painful and involve long hours in the gym.

Then I started to tune back in withy myself and my body, and work with a whole range of people who deserved better. I studied a masters in nutrition, learnt about intuitive eating, completed a 200 hours yoga teacher training and various extra certifications.

To help people find what worked for them.

To remind you that it's not your fault your diet isn't working. 

To help you live your life with food and movement being but a small part, not the focus.

Sounds like something you're interested in?

You're in the right place

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What is Nourished Practice Founded On?

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